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The Elder FutharkOld Futhark or Germanic Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabets.


It was a writing system used by Germanic peoples for Northwest Germanic dialects in the Migration Period, the dates of which are debated among scholars.


The Elder Futhark has 24 runes, often arranged in three groups of eight runes.

Freya's Aett, Includes:
F - Fehu 
U - Uruz
Th - Thurisaz
A - Ansuz
R - Raido
K - Kenaz
G - Gebo
W - Wunjo 

Heimdall's Aett, Includes;

H - Hagalaz
N - Nauthiz
I - Isa
J/Y - Jera
E/I - Eihwaz
P - Perthro
Z - Algiz
S - Sowilo

Tyr's Aett, Includes;

T - Tiwaz
B - Berkano
E - Ehwaz
M- Mannaz
L - Laguz
NG - Inguz
D - Dagaz
O - Othila


A Wiccan is a modern witch.

He or she is an adherent of a nature religion called "Wicca".

As is the case in many pagan religions, magic is practiced in Wicca.
Witches believe that the human mind has the power to effect change in ways not yet understood by science.

Magic is practiced according to a code of ethics that teaches that magic should only be used when it does not harm others.


The symbol that is very common in witchcraft is the five-pointed star, also called 'Pentagram'.
The points of the star have the meanings: soul, water, fire, earth and air.

The most commonly used items that a witch works with are: an altar, athame (ritual knife), chalice, pentacle, ritual stones, the book of shadows, incense (smudge) and candles.


The Wiccan adherents call it the "old religion", although it did not emerge until the mid-20th century. They mean that they are continuing a very old tradition of witchcraft.