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€ 4,50

A photo has been taken of each stone, so you can choose which stone you would like. When you select a certain stone, then that is the stone that will be send to you.


Dont forget to add which photo (pendant) you would  like to have.

The pendant will be delivered without a necklace, but it is possible to add a necklace with your order.


When you add a rope hanger to your order, we will select the best matching colour to your pendant. When you want to be able to a colour, you can add the rope hanger separately in the webshop.

If you want to have the pendant engraved with a text or symbol you can add it in "Engraving. ".
When you want a symbol please typ: Symbol: [name symbol]


When you want to add a custom symbol, or looking for a type of stone that is not listed on the page or have any other problem customizing your pendant, please contact us via our contact page.