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The CK for engraving stands for Cindy Koek. That's me, 26 years old and mainly to be found in Appeltern, The Netherlands.


First of all, I am very happy that you are visiting this page. Thank you so much for that.


Engraving started in March 2019, as I wanted to do something with drawing but did not want to use pen and paper. I soon came up with engraving and that's how  it all started. 



My goal is to  make a personalized gift for many people with my engraving skills.
Think of birthdays, companies, for yourself, weddings, rituals or in memory of.


It has always been my  passion to start my own business to maximize my creativity and vision.

I am someone who has a positive and optimistic view of life. I am enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, sincere and empathetic. I would like to start from possibilities and not get stuck in the impossibilities.


"Never Ending Story" is my personal motto in life, it has brought me, step by step, to where I am today.